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About us

Our company was founded in 1952 and at the beginning its main profile was production of chemical goods. In the recent decades our activity has been performed only at our country site, and we dealt – among others – with the production of paint thinners, solvents, household detergent and glues.

Production of diabetic sweeteners has begun in 1957 with the preparation and sales of „Saccharin” tablets. Production of the sweeteners is performed solely in a new site in Budapest, where we are producing 25 kinds of sweeteners as per packing and composition, 10 pcs of them are brand products.

Our liquid sweeteners are continuously available in the shops since 1992 in their individual composition in 125 ml and 250 ml PET bottles, including brand products, too.

Our sweetening powder called „Sweetia” was available at our several partners on the shelves since 2001. Our most recent product is Sweety powder. Due to its more up-to-date packing and composition it replaced our „Sweety powder.

Achievements and prizes:

Our liquid sweetener Polisweet gained the title of „Excellent Hungarian Product” in 1998, it is still very popular among the consumers.

POLITUR Chemical Cooperative has been the owner of a procedure since 1992, which was protected by a patent in Hungary.


Our factories have been audited by SGS /ISO 9001:2000 (First on 15th July, 1996) and CERTOP (First on 15th Jan. 2002) (see the attached Quality Certificates), and our production has been continuously working in compliance with ISO and HACCP systems.


  • We are the producers and suppliers of tablet and liquid sweeteners of SPAR, TESCO and COOP supermarkets and business chains with their own brand.

  • We are „First-price suppliers” of AUCHAN hypermarkets and METRO discount department stores.

  • Our classic sweeteners e.g. Polisett, Polisweet etc are available at the shelves of AUCHAN, TESCO, METRO, CORA, PENNY, CBA, COOP, SPAR, REÁL, BÉRES Health magazine, MediLine and Herbaház chains, as well as any other food stores of Hungary.

We are pleased to be at your disposal if you have any question.

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